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Linking To Waldo Mining District

We encourage and appreciate all interest in linking to the Waldo Mining District website as long as you “Play By The Rules” which can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you plan on linking to our website, we would prefer you link to the main Home page. Your link will have the greatest success when linking to our Home page. All news, stories, tall tales and current discussions are all accessible from our home page. From time to time we do change information pages and relocate articles which would break your link if not linked to our Home Page.

You can use either of our domain names when linking to us.” or,

    • To link to using a text link, copy and paste the code below in your web page:
      • <a href=”” title=”Visit Waldo Mining District”></a>
    • To link to using a text link, copy and paste the code below in your web page:
      • <a href=”” title=”Visit Waldo Mining District”></a>


If you wish to use our transparent .png Logos instead of a text link, download a copy of our logo below and use the code below: (The link code below is used for our smallest logos) Make sure you update the Path To The Logo image you use in your final code.

  • <a href=”” title=”Click here to Visit Waldo Mining District”><img src=”your-path-to-our-log/waldo-logo-color.png” width=”175″ height=”151″ alt=”Click here to Visit Waldo Mining District” /></a>

Please download a copy of our logo below and upload it to your server. Make sure to Update the Path To The Logo Image in your links. We appreciate you not using our bandwidth. We offer a Color PNG Logo or Black and White PNG Logo below.

Small Logos Transparent Backgrounds



We also offer different sizes of our Logo below. Isolated on White & Black Backgrounds plus Transparent Backgrounds.

Transparent Backgrounds

PNG Transparent Background 300×257
PNG Transparent Background 200×171

White Backgrounds

JPG White Background 300×257
JPG White Background 200×171

Black Backgrounds

JPG Black Background 300×257
JPG Black Background 200×171

PC Users, Right click the Logo of your choice and select Save, Save As, Save Link As depending on which browser you are using and the choices your context menu gives you. The Context Menu is the small pop up window that shows up when you right click your mouse.

Mac Users, Press the control key (ctrl) and click on the image. Then click on save to save on your computer.


“Playing By The Rules”

Banners & Logos Must Always Link Back to Waldo Mining District Home Page.

Remember, our images are all Copyright ©.
You may not claim Ownership or Copyrights © to our Banners or Logos.

Waldo Mining District grants the user permission to use
one of our Banners or Logo’s above on the users website. Our Logo’s may not be used on websites that promote or contain sexually explicit content or Illegal activities. Please do not alter our logos or banners in any way. You may not lead your website visitors to believe that you work for Waldo Mining District (unless you really do). You may not lead your website visitors to believe that Waldo Mining District supports your website content or any content contained in your website.

If you are found to be in breach of our rules of linking to our website, you will be asked to remove all Waldo Mining Districts Logos and Delete them from your computer, You will also be asked to remove any and all text links to Waldo Mining District from your entire website. If you do not comply with our removal request we will turn the matter over to our Attorneys, and you will have to pay the cost of all legal fees for action(s) taken against you.

Remember, It’s not worth it unless you “Play By The Rules”